UK’s first fully immersive gym class for Studio Society

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THE CHALLENGE: In 2016 Pebble Studios were approached by an ambitious start up gym company – Studio Society. Looking to revolutionise the way people work out, their focus was on group exercise, but with a difference. Their studio would feature 270 degree, 3 metre high screens with bespoke content projected onto them with the aim to fully immerse the audience in their workout.   OUR SOLUTION: The primary objective of this project was to create a range of immersive environments that complimented and enhanced the core focus of each class. We started by reviewing each class that Studio Society would offer and broke them down into 4 categories – Calm, Sculpt, HIIT & Dance. Next we conducted social research in to the type of environments that their target audience find synonymous with these types of classes. Using the data from this research we created a bespoke photo realistic environment for each category. In order to be fully immersive and not just pretty visuals, however, we wanted to ensure that all the senses were stimulated, building a suite of carefully curated SFX and creating automated animations in time with the music, which was in turn, choreographed with the instructors routines - Ultimately creating 11 beautifully crafted and fully immersive class experiences that raised the bar for group fitness.

Genres: Visual VFX

Categories: Sports and Leisure

Pebble Studios, 1 year ago