Time After Time VR trailer: Transporting ABC Television audiences through time with a world first immersive trailer

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THE CHALLENGE: LA based Horizon Media and their client ABC Studios were looking to create a teaser trailer for the upcoming release of ‘Time after Time’ – the story of HG Wells’ time machine and Jack the Ripper. One of many new TV shows to be launching across the US, they needed to create a teaser that stood out from the crowd, excited their audience, introduced the lead character and got viewers tuning in for the 1st episode.   OUR SOLUTION: With Time Travel being at the heart of the show’s story, we were keen to explore creating an experience that gave the audience (as close to) a first hand insight into what this might feel like, transporting the viewer from 1800’s London to present day New York in HG Wells’ infamous time machine. With a partnership secured with Samsung & Oculus we began developing an immersive narrative that not only teased the show’s plotline and introduced the menacing lead character, but gave a world first experience of travelling though time in Virtual Reality via a mixture of Green Screen captured footage, high end visual effects and binaural sfx – all created to encourage exploration of each scene in 360. The experience launched on the Oculus store, YouTube, Facebook and an industry first for TV with programmatic 360 advertising via Omnivirt, ultimately delivering a truly spectacular experience that generated increased eyeballs and conversation in an exceptionally cluttered and challenging market.
Media Agency

Media Agency: Horizon Media


Sound Company: Clearcut Sound

Post Production / VFX

Post Production Company: pebble studios

VFX Supervisor: Matt Beveridge

Colourist: Chris Ennis


Brand: Time After Time

Advertiser: ABC

Production Company

Production Company: Pebble Studio

Executive Producer: Mark Witherow

Director: Toby Barnett

Genres: Storytelling

Categories: Other

Pebble Studios, 1 year ago