Bose Urban Conductor

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Allowing Ella Eyre fans to experience Bose premium audio like never before. CHALLENGE Bose were looking to harness their partnership with Ella Eyre as part of their #ListenForYourself campaign, helping fans to experience the ultra high quality audio that their over-ear headphones are known for. Pebble Studios worked with experiential agency INCA productions to turn a mobile event space into a unique fan experience, working with a commissioned Bastille cover created by legendary composer David Arnold. SOLUTION To explore the complex layers of Ella Eyre’s take on this Bastille classic, we took fans on an interactive, multi-sensory journey that allowed them to explore the music stems in minute detail. Each participant could control the audio, and in turn the supporting screen visuals, to create a personalised interpretation of the track that was entirely unique to them. From accentuating the deep base to high string notes, the track’s very bones were laid bare for all to explore. Participants could then share the exclusive track on social media to reach audiences beyond the shipper container walls of the experience.

Genres: Animation, Music & Sound Design

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Pebble Studios, 1 year ago