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IKEA has launched a campaign created by McCann and MRM/McCann where, for the second year in a row, the living room is the protagonist. The objective is to continue to demonstrate that there is space in every living room for IKEA furniture and solutions. The campaign consists of two pieces: "the clock" and "the jewel" in which IKEA takes a step further, and not only inspires through their communication, but recreates and integrates it as the way to communicate in their new campaign. IKEA surprises with a luxury aesthetic maintaining expectation throughout the first seconds and giving way to an entertaining moment in which IKEA products appear so perfectly integrated into a glamorous living room, that they go unnoticed. Once again, IKEA challenges us to discover a perfect integration in which it is difficult to point out which furniture is from IKEA. It shows that whatever your style is, there is always space in the living room for IKEA furniture and solutions, breaking away from various prejudices detected by the company. The living room is our focus because, according to the IKEA study, "Tell me how your room is and I will tell you who you are. Life in the Spanish living rooms", the most relevant room in our homes is the living room.
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