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Cause an Effect

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Johnny Kelly’s typically tactile animated spots for Missouri Lottery depict a miniature academic universe inside a lottery vending machine, to show how profits help to fund the state’s public education systems. The entirely CG sequences show a dollar journeying through the machine and acting as a catalyst throughout various stages of student education. Each room comes to life when the note arrives, and nothing moves unless it is powered by the dollar. Nexus Studios’ 3D artists tackled a variety of challenges for Johnny including creating miniature trees from scratch, whittled wooden characters and a convincing grass ‘flock’ texture.

Brand: Missouri Lottery

Production Company

Production Company: Nexus Studios

Director: Johnny Kelly

Producer: Isobel Conroy

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: Barkley

Copywriter: Jordan Breindel

Art Director: Audrey Wilcox

Producer: Shawn Wallace

Chief Creative Officer: Katy Hornaday

Genres: Storytelling

Categories: Education, Corporate, Social and PSAs

Nexus Studios, 1 year ago