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Brand: Cyber Security

Advertiser: Netsafe


Senior Account Manager: Max Burt

General Manager: Claudia McDonald

PR Company: Mango

Account Manager: Chloe Tonkin

Creative Agency

Lead Business Partner: James Blair

Videographer: Nick White

Editor: Mike Hammond

Creative Agency: DDB New Zealand

Illustrator: Nick White

Studio Director: Marcel de Ruiter

Social Planner: Liam Norris

Lead Front End Developer: Paul Hutcheon

Lead Developer: Simon Betton

Head of Digital Design: Jason Vertongen

Executive Digital Producer: Johannes Gertz

Digital Creative Director: Haydn Kerr

Digital Director: Liz Knox

Business Coordinator: Jarrod Stevenson

Business Manager: David Owen

Business Director: Jaheb Barnett

CEO: Justin Mowday

Agency Producer: Alva Waldron

Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton

Executive Creative Director: Shane Bradnick

Art Director: Sarsha Drakeford

Copywriter: Geordie Wilson

DDB New Zealand, 1 year ago