ARES—Our Greatest Adventure

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When you’re left behind on a second smallest planet in the solar system it usually means one thing. Unless, you are Matt Damon starring in the science fiction blockbuster, produced in collaboration with NASA themselves. For 3AM we made a three minutes long teaser which explains the scientific basis of the ARES mission and events portrayed in the movie.

Music Supervision: Marcy Bulkeley


Art Director: Michał Misiński

Post Production / VFX

Post Production Company: Juice, MPC, Framestore

Colourist: Adam Scott

Producer: Natalia Lasota, Monica Thorp, Ash Thorp


Advertiser: 20th FOX Century

Production Company

Production Company: 3AM & RSA Films

Executive Producer: Josh Porter, Ash Thorp

Director: Chris Eyerman, Ash Thorp

DOP: Tony Wolberg

Producer: Ash Thorp, Monica Thorp

Genres: Animation, Visual VFX, Storytelling

Juice, 1 year ago