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DEWxNBA Interactive Bus Shelter

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To celebrate MTN DEW’s partnership with the NBA, we turned one panel of a Milwaukee bus shelter into an interactive touchscreen experience that gets fans closer than ever to one of the hottest players in the league—Giannis Antetokounmpo. As people sat inside the shelter, our interactive touchscreen came to life, revealing a phone call from local hero Giannis. Unsuspecting fans were caught completely off guard, unsure whether this was just a clever ad or an actual conversation with their favorite player. After several virtual calls, Giannis eventually showed up in person, creating an absolutely unforgettable surprise for a couple of his biggest fans. We then flipped the script and pranked Giannis by having his childhood hero, Allen Iverson, call him instead.

Categories: Energy Drinks, Soft Drinks

Firstborn, 2 years ago