ITV French Open

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The creative team at ITV invited us to collaborate on an exciting TV promo for their upcoming live coverage of the Roland-Garros French Open. ITV came to us to create something different to the previous years, as they always used live-action only to promote the event. With that in mind, we went on to create a mix of 2D cut-outs in a 3D environment, mixed with ITV’s beautiful live-action shots.

Advertiser: ITV


Animation Company: Cookie Studio

Direction & Production: Cookie Studio

Creative Director: Thiago Maia

Producer: Thierry Levy

Art Direction: Simon Graham

3D Animation: Alexis Rabeuf, Marcos Savignano & Simon Graham

2D Animation: Alexis Rabeuf & Simon Graham

Roto: Alexis Rabeuf, Max Konischev, Vladimir Kolosov

Genres: Animation

Categories: Events, Sports and Leisure

Cookie Studio, 1 year ago