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UKTV Purpose

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Our friends at UKTV invited us to collaborate on the very special ‘Purpose’ project, which aimed at re-defining and re-evaluating UKTV’s purpose and greater mission statement. After an initial brief, we were sent off with the huge task to conceptualise and develop a virtual journey through the versatile and rich world of UKTV’s iconic brands, channels and shows. After photographing pretty much every piece of furniture and memorabilia at the spectacular UKTV offices, we began building each element in 3D, creating a unique and stylised world that then became the ‘Purpose’ film. The end result? A virtual journey which takes the viewers on a 3D adventure through the world of UKTV, featuring the best bits of British TV. We were thrilled to collaborate closely with UKTV’s top team, and very proud that the film received some rave reviews across various media platforms.

Clients: UKTV


Animation Company: Cookie Studio

Direction & Production: Cookie Studio

Creative Director: Thiago Maia

Producer: Thierry Levy

Design & Animation: Alex Magnieto, Alexis Rabeuf, Marcos Fernandes & Simon Graham

Compositing: Simon Graham & Thiago Maia

Genres: Animation

Categories: Other

Cookie Studio, 2 years ago