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TruMoo Kid Harder

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“Kid Harder” celebrates kids who go all out in their play and their sense of childhood wonder. Every day is a race against bedtime, packed to the brim with adventure. With sticks. And bugs. And forts. And games with ill-defined rules. Kids that play harder don’t fear skinned knees or grass stains because they know that once the streetlights come on, they’ll return home -- triumphant. And their parents will be there waiting to refuel them with a hard-earned glass of TruMoo Chocolate Milk. THE CHALLENGE: TruMoo is in a very competitive beverage space where there are a wide variety of choices for consumers. The goal is to connect with consumers at a more emotional, human level, positioning TruMoo as the sought-out brand that parents can feel good about giving to their kids. THE STRATEGY: In its research for the TruMoo brand relaunch, KBS talked to moms about their childhoods, their kids and play. A key finding: What moms wanted more than anything was for their kids to spend less time looking at a screen and more time being outside, playing and exploring. Moms felt fulfilled when they could help their kids grow, learn and discover – without their phones, tablets and devices – in addition to satisfying their nutritional needs. This means ensuring their kids are enjoying childhood as they remember it: being outside with friends, going on adventures, being active and afterwards, drinking refreshing chocolate milk, which made play a natural fit for the TruMoo brand. Therefore, in “Kid Harder,” TruMoo is positioned as a champion of childhood play. With proteins, carbs and calcium, and that great chocolate taste, it’s the perfect, fun drink that moms and dads can give to their kids to refuel them after a long day of play. “With this campaign, KBS takes the TruMoo brand to a different level, appealing to parents and how play was for them as kids,” said Marissa Jarratt, Dean Foods Vice President, Marketing & Innovation. “It’s the kind of innovative thinking that defines KBS, which truly understands this category and what makes the TruMoo brand unique.” “The idea of kids being in need of more opportunities for real -- not virtual -- play resonated with parents,” said Ted Florea, Global Chief Strategy Officer at KBS. “We’re proud to take this human- and emotion-centered approach to furthering the TruMoo brand.”

Advertiser: Dean Foods

Brand: TruMoo


Sound Company: Sound Lounge

Producer: Alicia Rodgers

Senior Audio Mixer: Seth Phillips

Head of Production: Liana Rosenberg


Editorial Company: KBS Studio

Senior Editor: Victor Barczyk

Finishing Company: Artjail

Producer: Perry Tate

VFX Lead / Flame Artist: Emily Bloom

VFX Supervisor/CD: Lee Towndrow

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: KBS (kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners)

Group Creative Director: Andreas Baumert

Global Production Officer: Madison Wharton

Director of Content Production: Kim Jose

Content Producer: Laura Peguero

Senior Business Affairs Manager: Denise Klapp

Global Chief Strategy Officer: Ted Florea

Strategy Director: Rita Dory

Senior Strategist: Robbie Felder

Global Director of Business Leadership: Steve McCall

Account Executive: Andrew Dean

Director of Content Studio: Kate Johnson

Line Producer: Colin Lewis

Categories: Milk, Soft Drinks

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