Defence Housing Australia - Looking Forward

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The main body of work was to insert virtual diorama's inside other real world shots. The diorama scenes, set up in previous shots would then have a rug pull moment revealing a different perspective. The challenge came with how figuring out how one world would fit into another. The Beach reveal raised the question of where does the sea go and how can we keep the roughness without having weird edges, for this, we rebuilt the waves lapping against the metal of the sink. For some reveal shots we rebuilt whole worlds in 3D to give the director the camera moves he wanted. The Vespa and Keys reveals are entirely 3D except for the people. Matching the 3D to the real footage and keeping a macro look became a careful balancing act where pushing one too far broke the illusion.

Advertiser: Defence Housing Australia

Post Production / VFX

VFX Supervisor: Evelina Åström, Steve Anderson, Struan Farquhar

Production Company

Production Company: Chimney Australia

Executive Producer: Rosie Parker

Director: Johan Polhem

DOP: Benjamin Shirley


Edit Company: Chimney Group Asia Pacific

Editor: Johan Polhem

Creative Agency

Creative Agency: McCann

Copywriter: Will Halstead

Executive Creative Director: Jerker Fagerstrom

Art Director: Fernando Luz

Producer: Sam Harris

National Head of Broadcast: Colin Tuohy

General Manager: Nicole Gardener

Senior Account Executive: Jessica White

Senior Account Manager: Jodie Allen

Genres: Visual VFX

Categories: Finance

Chimney Singapore, 1 year ago