Allegheny Health Network - 'Living Proof' with Operation

Allegheny Health Network
London, UK
Agency / Creative

Allegheny Health Network and their creative agency were looking for a way to connect younger audiences with science and medicine. What better way to do that than by creating an enormous version of the iconic and popular board game operation? The massive 10-foot-wide and 15-foot-long Operation game toured Pittsburgh across malls and event locations, where kids of all ages were encouraged to remove cavity Sam's maladies with huge tweezers without setting off the dreaded buzzer. Born Licensing secured the rights for Allegheny Health Network to create the oversized Operation game. We managed liaison with rights holder Hasbro, working through the licence negotiation, creative and brand assurance processes.

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- Stories Are Everywhere with SpongeBob SquarePants for Instagram

- Do Something Out of the Box with G.I Joe for Subaru

- Unlimited data, bellen alles with SpongeBob SquarePants for T-Mobile

- The worlds biggest game of Operation for Allegheny Health Network

- Transform Your Home with Transformers for Simonds Homes

- Snooze with Wallace and Gromit for Tesco

- KFC VS. with a range of video games for KFC

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