Timberland 'Legends Club' Campaign

Production Company
Los Angeles, USA
Agency / Creative
Post Production / VFX
Music / Sound

As Scholar dove headfirst into tackling the art and storytelling within these films for Timberlands Legends Club, they knew that they were creating something that was as much lifestyle as it was product. It is a snapshot of history. Stories that shed light on one of the greatest lyrical geniuses of a generation. All of sudden, they felt compelled to channel the feeling of Nas’ life, his journey, his stories in an engaging set of animated films.

Scholar set out to create a gritty, textural narrative with a comic aesthetic that is familiar to the world of hip-hop, but also new and fresh at the same time.  The campaign’s foundation became the stylized imagery they created, full of pops of color and cel-animated, liquid transitions. "We’re still pinching ourselves even after the dust has settled and these spots have flown into the world."

About Scholar

Scholar is a creative production company drawn together by their love for design, endless curiosity and passion for engaging viewers on an emotional level. The company blends top-tier artistry with production expertise to forge braver, smarter content that is highly original. A full-service studio with offices in Los Angeles and New York, fueled by a diverse array of award-winning creators, Scholar produces work that is driven by substance and elevated by style.