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Production Company
Berlin, Germany
About soup.filmproduktion

We believe in being kind to people and to our environment. We love our directors and take great pride in making our clients happy.

Based in Berlin, SOUP.FILM has been a major player in boutique commercial production since 2000: Be it as an A-List production company representing a wide roster of award-winning directors, as a trusted service partner for the international market, as a full service postproduction or when finding budget & new talent commercial solutions with our division AMOXI MEDIA - we combine vast experience with a passion for people, great attention to detail, a creative production approach and the aspiration to make a positive difference.

Our priority has always been people and we believe that the best productions start with united vision and team spirit.

Over the decades we have been lucky to work with some of the best creative minds in the industry and form longstanding relationships with agencies and clients. Our company started with one man, Stephan Fruth, his drive to always find the right production approach for every idea and most of all: his big heart and loud laugh. Though we have grown over the years and are now led by Ada Zuiderhoek and Martin Richter, that’s the energy we channel to this day.

CREATIVE ENCOURAGEMENT: We believe in the creative vision of our directors and support it not only by matching them with the right CDs and HODs, but we also want to be their partner in developing a unique narrative language and visual style, consulting them creatively and supporting their passion projects whenever possible.

EQUALITY: We employ an equal number of females and males, with a strong female lead in our production and creative departments. There is no such thing as gender pay gap at SOUP.FILM and discrimination based on sexual orientation, heritage, nationality, or origin has never been tolerated!

WELLBEING: We are currently made up of 22 long term employees of which many have been with us for over a decade. We lunch together every day, we laugh together every day and embrace one another as individuals. We offer home office and part time solutions across all departments, supporting not only our working moms and dads with conviction and pride.

GREEN PRODUCTION: We encourage a green approach across departments: we choose vegetarian catering, recycle, compost, separate waste and avoid single use items. We consult our creative team to come up with LED based lighting concepts and our designer to rent props and styling instead of buying. We donate all purchased items and avoid waste. We always try to produce locally first, take meetings online and cut down on travel. If that’s not possible, we prefer to take the train. We compensate air miles and stay in sustainable hotels. To work we commute by public transport, bike or walk. Our office runs 100% on green energy, we try to be digital and paperless, separate our waste, buy fair trade products, shop groceries organically and locally.