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Home: A VR Spacewalk

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Home’s ambition as a piece of VR is to combine a strong narrative and sense of drama with the incredible impact possible in an immersive experience to encourage and enhance the public’s interest in space. Only 215 people in the entire history of the universe have done a spacewalk, Home gives you this experience as you step into the suit of an astronaut faced with the endless blackness of space. It puts you at the centre of the story, taking you on an emotional and personal journey whilst delivering beautiful, heart-stopping and memorable moments. REWIND collaborated with BBC Studios to create an epic 15-minute immersive virtual reality experience. Home forms part of BBC Learning’s ongoing mission to fire the imaginations of the next generation of scientists and maintains the BBC’s long history of innovation in how it informs, educates and entertains. The experience is developed in Unreal Engine 4 to push at the highest possible visual fidelity and is accompanied with treated, spatial audio. The team worked with script writer Marco Crivellari to develop the narrative and consulted with ESA experts and Astronauts to understand more about the reality of life in space. The interactive experience sees you traversing the space station, journeying on the Canadarm and jetpacking back to safety. It also encompasses randomized views of the earth and atmospheric phenomenon, enabling audience members to come away with different experiences. For live events, the experience is heightened with a haptic feedback chair and Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Home has won eight awards including a Webby and a Cannes Lion.

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REWIND, 2 years ago