For Honor - Scars

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makemepulse created this award-winning immersive experience for Ubisoft's 'For Honor' game. Gamers were invited to retrace the past of a Knight, a Viking and a Samurai through the scars on their weapons. From first combat to the owner's death, each scar showed a video created with in-game footage. In the end, gamers personalized their weapon with over 190 combinations possible, and finally, a unique code for an exclusive pre-launch trial appeared on the blade of their weapon. We used ultra-realistic WebGL rendering and the user will find themself face to face with an exquisitely rendered warrior. As you scroll down, you discover the warrior's life. Thanks to motion capture and spatialized sound design techniques, every sound faithfully highlights each movement and impact of the scene.
makemepulse, 2 years ago