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Zyrtec - Allergy Impact

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There is a “real-feel” index for temperature. There is a “wind-chill” factor for cold. But allergy sufferers still rely on the same old pollen count – a measure of particles in the air that doesn’t tell allergy sufferers how they will really feel. Allergy Impact is the first “real feel” index for pollen. Allergy sufferers can compare the Allergy Impact score against the pollen count to easily learn if their symptoms will feel better or worse than the pollen count suggests. It's a sophisticated algorithm developed in association with university allergists and environmental scientists, Constant Analytics – a leader in statistical modeling, and Johnson & Johnson. Allergy Impact also shows how other allergy sufferers in your area are feeling, based on inputs from our user base, plus local search and social data.

Categories: Pharmacy, Medicine and remedies

Wunderman Thompson New York, 3 years ago