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Production Services
Madrid, Spain
About Production Service Network PSN

PRODUCTION SERVICE NETWORK is the one-stop-shop for film and photo production services around the world.  

The partners forming part of our PRODUCTION SERVICE NETWORK are the top choice for countless creatives, production companies, studios and agencies. We've come together in this fractured digital media universe to raise your global content creation to new heights.

So many of today's global campaigns require local touchstones of familiarity for consumers. National campaigns and entertainment programming increasingly call for fresh, authentic locations beyond the back lot and outside the comfort zone.

The common denominator is location, location, location. You need local input to make the choice that optimizes return on your creative and cash investment. Why call us?

  • Make one contact to reach a full network of local production service experts
  • Manage shoot locations – from iconic to cost-effective alternatives
  • Simplify shooting in multiple countries
  • Find directors, directors of photography, and photographers
  • Access an ever-expanding world full of choices
  • Pay nothing for our referral to the partner best-positioned to service your shoot