Turning infographics into a lead-generation machine for Eaton

Experiential Marketing
London, UK
Death by B2B marketing: For marketers and business buyers, the grind of lead generation and content marketing can result in pretty uninspired thinking. “My IT Empire” was a campaign and digital tool we launched for Eaton, a $22.6 billion global power management company, when it needed to out-think, rather than out-spend, competitors to gain an advantage in a commoditized category.

Our research revealed that tired lead generation efforts (white paper, webinar and eBook form submissions) are increasingly unpopular with our tech-savvy IT professional audience. Moreover, as the brand that promises to ‘get IT (Information Technology)’, Eaton needed to show it understands the audience as humans and professionals.

We transformed infographics into lead generation machines with strategic insight and creative ingenuity.

Eaton My IT Empire infographic

We created a tool that dynamically created custom infographics based on user inputs, positioning IT professionals as rulers of their IT infrastructures, ones they call “My IT Empire.” With each digital engagement, we gathered 48 data points per user—generating quality lead profiling more valuable than typical form submissions (and informative as a primary research channel itself). Once users had completed their infographic, we topped the experience off by mailing users free, oversized posters of their creations, which they could then use to decorate their office and which serves as a reminder of the Eaton brand every day.

Today, the walls of IT Empires everywhere are looking mighty good – as is Eaton’s prospective customer database. The initiative outperformed expectations by 276%. Our results were staggering, especially considering each lead represents anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars of opportunity to Eaton:

unique leads captured and infographics created by IT professionals
prospective customer data points gathered
increase in brand familiarity

With the new data captured, Eaton sales teams were able to have much smarter and more personal sales conversations than ever before. The sales team could now make a human connection by asking leads which Star Trek episode was a favorite, or if the individual remembered a favorite Far Side comic.

Within Spiceworks — an online community of IT Pros — we received an array of favorable comments, including a suggestion to add kilts to our “boxers vs. briefs” question, which sparked amusing dialogue in the community… and a fun side project for our creative team.
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