Snow Queen: "Summer"

Production Company
San Francisco, USA
director: carolyn corben client: Snow Wueen
About Kaboom Productions

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

-Albert Einstein

With over 40 years of combined production experience, working in over 20 countries on 5 continents, from large-scale, high-end productions to scrappy content projects, kaboom has the experience so that you can relax and enjoy the process. For real. 

Hand-in-hand with the production team, our diverse, wonderfully talented filmmakers advance the story at every turn and are as invested as you are in the outcome.

We are relationship based in everything we do, so our clients and the resulting projects shine.  There’s no mystery, no attitude, and no unwanted surprises. We’ve got this.

Our Roster: alden wallace - Director and visual storyteller who infuses projects with a natural beauty and a buoyant effortlessness carolyn corben - London-based director with a knack for creating stylized ads for fashion brands worldwide christian riebe - LA/Berlin-based director with a cinematic eye for storytelling doug werby - Director/Editor of real people content projects; authentic and approachable style. Shoots for the edit. erik moe - Director/Creative Director known for comedy dialogue with a dude sensibility

joe stevens - Director/DP with a wide-ranging skill set including editing and design: lifestyle-driven work with extraordinary visuals and a youthful, contemporary expression

michele atkins - Director/DP known for beautiful story-driven vignettes and visual storytelling

patrick finnegan - LA-based director that communicates stories through rich imagery, performance, and visuals to reveal the hidden truths and emotions. reynir lyngdal - Reykjavik-based director of visual projects with a quirky angle; fluid and stylized, often set to the pace of a song or a beat ricki + annie - award winning doc directors who delve deep into character to tell a larger story, from sports to celebrity to everyday people who shine on camera.