Type To Design

Advertising Agency
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creating a new typeface can be one of the most difficult but rewarding disciplines in a designer’s world. When we saw the “36 Days of Type” project, we thought up an idea that would highlight the thousands of kick ass designs that were submitted. The idea was to create, a site that creates a randomly generated font out of Instagram content, using all the characters designed for “36 Days of Type”. Type it, design it, hang it on your wall. Type yourself now: See more of
About SuperHeroes Amsterdam

SuperHeroes is the digitally born and raised global ad agency that is saving the world from boring advertising.

We're specialists in attracting attention in today's multi-everything world. Long term campaigns or short term boosts: our eclectic mix of strategy, technology and design and a little creative secret sauce is pushing the growth curve of a great range of iconic brands.

We’re the Post-Advertising ad agency

Going ‘post-advertising’ means we embrace the idea that people use subscription models, thumb swipes and ad blockers to avoid advertising.

In our world, advertising is more than commercials, billboards, banners or social posts; it’s really any touchpoint that generates a moment of attention.

The fight for attention is on! Our approach places a premium on relevance and makes advertising valuable again; making it useful, entertaining and there just when you need it.