Let your creativity Roar.

Whether you're in an in-house marketing department, a large agency network, a boutique indie agency, a global post house or a brand spanking new music company, every business in the advertising industry has one thing in common - you want your brilliant work, people and company(/ies) to be read about and remembered.

LBB online was created in 2010 to allow the creative industries all over the world to read about what mattered to them most - globally AND locally.

Big and small brand marketers, agency folk and directors come to LBB everyday to read about what is happening. In fact, more people come to LBB on any given day than who attend The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity as a delegate each year.

Our business was created to help every company tell their story and we have years of experience helping businesses to ROAR - from huge networks to two man teams. We provide this at the lowest possible spend for you, at zero cost to our readers and with tangible ROI. Oh and it's all backed by completely transparent data on your unique views, so you can see EXACTLY what people are reading about you.

If you use LBB to its full potential, we can guarantee your more fame and less spend - simple!

Create. Promote. Roar

So let us tell you how the four simple pillars of LBB do all of this...