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Your Shot: Kids Company Vine Campaign

Advertising Agency
London, UK
AMV BBDO’s Antonia Clayton & Eliot Wykes on charity’s six-second spots


Since its launch in January, brands have largely used Vine’s six-second looping videos for light-hearted, humorous content – until now. With an advertising budget of nil, Kids Company, a charity that works therapeutically with vulnerable children and young people, tasked AMV BBDO to create their latest campaign. As Antonia Clayton and Eliot Wykes, copywriter and art director at AMV BBDO respectively, tell Addison Capper, they could get experimental for there was no brief – “it was a serendipitous labour of love”.
LBB> What was the brief from the client and what were your initial thoughts when you saw it?
AC &EW> Actually, there was never a brief for the creative work. It was a serendipitous labour of love. 
LBB> With Vine being a relatively new platform for advertising, especially advertising that explores a real social issue, why was it the right method to use for this project?
AC &EW> Kids Company is a charity with no advertising budget, yet it’s also a charity that must reach people in order to change these children’s lives. The idea was born not only from the functionality of Vine’s looping film format and its zero cost, but also to achieve stand-out for Kids Company as being one of the first to address a serious social issue on a predominately light-hearted social platform.
LBB> The films were shot entirely on an iPhone with no postproduction or media spend - why was this perfect for addressing such an issue and what did it bring to the final production?
AC &EW> The ‘here and now’ aspect of Vine is one of the reasons why it was such a good fit and really highlights the neglect these children suffer every single day. The ‘raw’ and ‘real’ feel you achieve with Vine was also perfect for telling these stories that are, simply, just that. We hoped a deeper connection would be made with the user because of it. 
LBB> Obviously the main aim is to raise more money, but, strategically, with its innovative use of Vine, what do you hope this campaign will achieve for Kids Company?
AC &EW>  The heartfelt wish would be to raise as much awareness and exposure as we can for Kids Company and the amazing work they do, which would gain them new support as well as deepen their relationships with current followers. Spreading the word by harnessing the growing popularity of Vine and then the seasoned experience of Twitter felt like a good place to start.  
LBB> Regarding the fact that it's not been used much previously, what lessons did you learn during the conception of this campaign that you will bear in mind for future Vine projects?
AC &EW> That it is a very different way of thinking and shooting. Saying that, every aspect of it has been totally worth any pain – plus being different is always a good thing.
LBB> What has the reaction from the public been like so far?
AC &EW> Extremely positive. Lots of people are already donating and re-tweeting. The work is also being written about a lot, which helps to get the films and their message out there even more. 
LBB> What were the biggest challenges you faced along the way and how did you overcome them?
AC &EW> Conception of idea to delivery was two weeks. Yes it was a challenge, but just like a baby, more than worth it in the end.   
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