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Wu-Tang Clan’s Impossible Mission to Launch White Castle’s Plant-Based Burger

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Editors' Choice: Hey Wonderful’s Sam Spiegel shoots brilliantly ’80s style mini series to launch White Castle’s Impossible Foods collaboration
Impossible Foods is bringing its delicious plant-based burger to White Castle with the Impossible Slider. 

To celebrate the new relationship, Impossible Foods and White Castle has teamed up with Wu Tang clan’s RZA, GZA and Ghostface Killah and filmmaker Sam Spiegel to debut a four-episode online series called 'Wu Tang in Space Eating Impossible Sliders'. It features the hip hop artists eating White Castle’s new Impossible Sliders while they orbit Earth answering questions from fans. The mini-series, which was created in-house at Impossible Foods, is set in space to depict the brand’s vision for having an impact so great you can see it from outer space.

The campaign was initially teased with the below film, and you can check episode one out further down the page. The rest of the episodes will follow soon. 

“We knew we wanted to set an idea in space for our partnership with White Castle,” said Sasha Markova, executive creative director at Impossible Foods. “At Impossible, we’ve become obsessed with the idea that it’s only when you go to space that you realize how beautiful earth is. Then we thought, who can we send up into space? Who are the people who most embody that philosophy? And, in the midst of a crazy time on planet earth, who are the people who might have the answers? We knew it immediately. The Wu-Tang Clan.”

Hey Wonderful director Sam Spiegel was a natural to direct, having worked with Wu Tang clan extensively as well as being a huge fan – Sam’s cat is named Wutang. Sam is also a huge space fanatic himself – he partnered to create both the debut LP and film, N.A.S.A. The Spirit of the Apollo, which focuses on ignoring boundaries and bringing people together from completely different worlds in order to create unique and unexpected art. 

Kim Bartley, chief marketing officer at White Castle, adds: “As America’s home of the original slider, we appreciate the ‘out of this world’ perspective the Impossible Foods team has brought to our partnership. All in a voice as distinctive as our White Castle vision ‘to feed the souls of craver generations everywhere.’ The work is an invitation to open minds and test conventional boundaries - something White Castle has been doing for over 97 years now.”
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