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Wrigley’s Extra and Airwaves Gum Refresh Your Mind in 'Working From Home' Spots

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London, UK
The&Partnership and UNIT9's Tom Brown launch new campaign

A series of new spots for Wrigley’s Extra and Airwaves Gum is live now, created by The&Partnership and UNIT9. Animation is the secret sauce to these series with what Tom Brown the director calls a visual punch.

The films consist of two content spots for each brand.

Tom Brown comments: “This spot was all about the rhythm. We wanted the visual equivalent of a drum track - Something that grabs your attention from the outset and keeps the energy high with little variations on the main theme. Each film had a 3 beat - negative emotion / product moment / positive resolution story that we wanted to tell ...but only 15 seconds to tell it in.

"Luckily our actors ALL had these amazing faces and expressions which provided BIG opening moments as we see their exaggerated sad/mad/nervous/tired emotions. Next the product section was created as a series of stylised quick cuts using a zoom lens. My first time using one and I'm never going back! Love at first zoom. Finally our resolution moments came with another set of excellent performances from our leads as their fresh gum solves their initial problems leaving us with some very weird and fun finales.

"With the added emphasis that the animations gave us. The whole project has come together to feel super close to the original intention and will be really impactful when it lands on socials.

"It’s always tricky keeping the energy up on shoots that are 100% green screen but the idea heavy atmosphere created by Ed Hubert and his team - as well as an adorable BTS cameo from our producer's dog 'Dali' made this one of my favourite shoots of the last year.” 

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