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Work of the Week: 10/06/2022

London, UK
In this week’s best work, Cannabis Amnesty raises the issue of cannabis-related criminal offences systemically burdening marginalised communities, a journey from IT professional to world Muay Thai champion, and a remix of some classic vodka cocktails, writes LBB’s Zoe Antonov

In the creative world, this week has been a good mix of hard-hitting and emotive work, with some more light-hearted feel-good spots. Non-profit organisation Cannabis Amnesty launched their first campaign aiming to fight against the historical wrongs inflicted upon marginalised communities through cannabis regulation laws in their film ‘Legalise Us’.

In another corner of adland, Dubai Tourism sheds light on all the amazing opportunities for travel in one of the Middle East’s cultural and creative hubs, with a film shredding what tourism advertising should be and pushing as many boundaries as we could think of. 

 Meanwhile, everybody’s favourite IT boy Pete Davidson immerses himself in the ‘Ultimate Team’ for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. 

Take a look at these and more of what caught our eye this week, below. 

Cannabis Amnesty Film Highlights Racial Inequality and Injustices in Cannabis Related Convictions

This 3:45 minute long film is a collaboration between Cossette, Magic Circle Workshop and Cannabis Awareness. Following the emotional story of Michael and all the invisible walls he faces on his way to his dream job, due to the injustices and inequalities caused from cannabis related convictions, the film probes audiences to think about the over 500,000 Canadians that have to navigate through numerous systems carrying these convictions. The message is clear: “While many of us reap the rewards of legalised cannabis, over 500,000 Canadians still live with the scars of prohibition. Help us make things Right. Legalise us.”.

Stash Capar Crushes Muay Thai Misconceptions in Brand Film for TKMT

Directed by Stash Capar, this Circle Productions film is the symbolic and emotive story of how IT specialist Candice Mitchell became world Muay Thai champion ‘Candi Crush.’ The beautiful cinematography of the film accompanies the story of the now 40-year-old world champion and takes viewers through the self-reflection, obstacles and wins in Candice’s six-year-long journey to success. Starting her transformation with selling all her possessions and moving to Thailand at 34, we see Candice gain deep emotional insights about herself while telling a story of resilience and authenticity. 

McDonald’s Father’s Day Photos Celebrate Happy Moments Between Dads and Children

This McDonald’s Philippines, Leo Burnett Dubai and Leo Burnett Manila collaboration ditches any notion of toxic masculinity this Father’s Day, to open the way for the most tender and special moments between dads and their kids. In a visual ode to the lengths that parents go to in order to bond with their children, we are presented with a series of images showing dads dressing as mermaids, superheroes and princesses for the sake of a ‘Happy Moment’ with their children. 

Pete Davidson, Trae Young, Steve Aoki and TimTheTatman Star in Epic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Film

In this star studded spot celebrating the return of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2019, we see Pete Davidson, Trae Young, Steve Aoki and TimTheTatman join the ‘Ultimate Team’. In the series of films we see each of the members prepare to go into battle and spotlight the return of the iconic Task Force 141 characters, while building suspense through sound design and incredible camera work.

Ogilvy Introduces You to the World of Absolut Cocktails in Brand's Biggest Campaign in Over a Decade

Ogilvy and Absolute have collaborated to provide us with the brand’s biggest brand campaign in over a decade, and to remind us that Absolut vodka is ‘Born to Mix’. And with summer heat ahead, what is better than to hear Rami Malek narrating a colourful world where each of our favourite beveraginos is personified through unique characters fitting in with their epoch, history and cultural background! 

Dubai Tourism Launches Viewers on Whirlwind Trip Across Winter Expo

Dubai Torusim welcomed the world to its winter season with a funky Federico Mazzarisi film this year. The film immerses audiences in a journey through Dubai’s winter season Expo, showing the true scope of the city’s breathtaking beauty and cultural diversity. Winter, traditionally associated with snow, mountains and colder temperatures, is flipped on its head and presented in an entirely new light. Edgy camera techniques and a fresh aesthetic help emphasise the contrast between the sunny aesthetic of Dubai and the freezing European winter, and draw international tourism to the cultural hub that is Dubai. 

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