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Words Don't Come Easy in Spot for French Brand Norauto
Advertising Agency
Paris, France
BETC Paris and BETC Fullsix launch 'Moving You Every Mile of the Way' campaign directed by Benjamin Parent through HENRY

When we talk about saving the environment, the car industry is one of the main culprits. City leaders are busy drafting regulations to regulate, tax or transform the automobile industry. But who is taking care of the drivers ?

Jerome Dumont, marketing communication leader at Norauto, says: "We have the conviction at Norauto that cars are still a great way of achieving freedom for everyone. This new brand strategy highlights Norauto's commitment in dealing with the new challenges that car drivers are facing. That's why we came up with simple and accessible solutions to help them transition towards a more sustainable future. With our new positioning, we needed an ad campaign that broke away from what is currently done in our industry, so that we can reinforce our leadership position and show our commitments to the people and the whole set of solutions that we have for a more responsible road. Teams at BETC understood the assignment." 

To show the fundamental role of the brand in the transition towards the future, Norauto selected BETC Paris x BETC Fullsix to create a new strategic platform and execute a new brand campaign. The campaign will be supported by a 90 second film "Moving you every mile of the way" that highlights the services and commitments of Norauto.

This campaign is a first step for the brand in affirming its new brand mission: mile after mile, we also drive motorists forward.

This promise of sustainable mobility is shown in the film with the father/daughter duo. So different from each other, yet they manage to bridge the generational gap between themselves, thanks to mutual learning about small daily acts, be it on the road or in the house. Together, they are building a more virtuous future, with the support and assistance from Norauto.

Jean-Patrick Spitz, vice-president of BETC Paris & BETC Fullsix, adds: "This new brand platform and this new ad campaign illustrate in a sincere way the essential role that Norauto is playing in the lives of car drivers."

Olivier Apers, VP, executive creative director of BETC Paris & BETC Fullsix, concludes: "We are proud to partner with Norauto in its transformation and to launch this new campaign that we wanted true, authentic, and in accordance with the reality of today's car drivers. Whatever age we are, it is not easy to change. But we all believe that we would like to become better drivers."

The film was directed by Benjamin Parent through HENRY. Soundtrack of the film is the hit single 'WORDS' written and sung by F.R. David.

With this new campaign, Norauto wants to communicate on about its new services, such as the recycling of old tires and batteries, but also the sale of charging stations and the maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles.

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