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Win From Home with Lucky Brand's Instagram Card Challenges

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Austin, USA
Bringing optimism to WFH, Preacher and Lucky Brand release daily challenges throughout May for players to complete and post on Instagram

As stay at home orders continue for many states, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to remain positive and motivated in their isolation. And while orders begin to lift in some, a friendly reminder of the importance of continuing to try and stay at home is more important than ever. Inspired by this, Lucky Brand and Preacher set out to gamify the ‘at home’ experience and offer a little something fun for people to look forward to each day.

So together they’ve launched, ‘Win From Home’ - a social campaign on Instagram that uses game mechanics to give people a daily dose of optimism, giving #WFH new meaning, and helping people stay Lucky, stay safe, and stay home. 

Here's how it works: For the first 21 days in May, Lucky Brand’s Instagram account will ‘deal’ playing cards with challenges to complete at home. Tasks include things like power squatting your cat, using the toilet backwards, becoming a plant daddy, and mastering blanket fort architecture. Players are prompted to complete any number of challenges, take a pic or video, and tag @LuckyBrand and #WinFromHome, which can land them in a daily roundup of wins on Lucky's Instagram. Players are also encouraged to dedicate their #WinFromHome challenge to an essential worker by tagging them in the submission - showing support for all those supporting us.

And starting this Friday, May 8th, Lucky Brand will be launching a contest with daily winners - the best user-generated response to that day’s challenge will win a $250 Lucky Brand Gift card for them, a $250 Lucky Brand gift card for an essential worker of the winners’ choice, and a $500 donation to a 501c3 charity of the winners’ choice. In addition, 25 runners-up per day will win a free pair of jeans for themselves and a second pair for the essential worker they are playing for. All underlying the idea that when we stay in, everybody wins.

#WinFromHome will be promoted on Lucky Brand’s other owned channels to drive people to Instagram - and drive home the message that there are many ways to win and only one way to lose. Game prompts and directions will be integrated into online customer orders and packaging to help spread word-of-mouth offline. The campaign's reach will also be amplified by influencers like FuckJerry, who will promote a special edition challenge to help launch the contest this Friday.

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