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Why Creative Teams Should Put Their Keys in The Bowl
Advertising Agency
Dublin, Ireland
ROTHCO prepare Cannes Lions delegates to open their minds and more to the idea that monogamy is dead
Creatives, have you ever thought about asking your partner to do something a bit out-there? 

Cue the Jerry Springer theme tune, creative team monogamy is dead. Polyamory is the future. That’s according to Ray Swan, Emma Sharkey and Emer Fitzgerald, a creative team with a very open relationship at ROTHCO, part of Accenture Interactive

For the 72nd Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Ray, Emer and Emma will be taking to the Audi A stage on Thursday 20th June to show everyone the benefits of putting their creative keys in the bowl. 

Ray, Emer and Emma explain: “Our industry is in massive flux. How we’ve gone about creating is being challenged. In this talk we hope to show that there are some things that the traditional creative team should protect, but ultimately, how we must open ourselves up to other ways of working if we hope to stay at the centre of what this business is about. Plus, it’s all quite a lot of fun finding out what others can make you achieve...”

While the tone will be humorous, at the core of the team’s talk is a serious message about what the creative partnership needs become to survive and thrive especially in the post-consultancy era of advertising.

So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of asking your partner to do something a little experimental, Ray, Emma and Emer will share the stage with Serviceplan’s CCO, Jason Romeyko and founder of Mesa, Barbara Soalheiro on Thursday 20th June at 4pm on the Audi A stage, Palais I.

Come down, with open minds only, of course.

You can view more information about the talk here.