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Who Wot Why's Matt and Ben Poach Saatchi & Saatchi's Matt and Ben

Advertising Agency
London, UK
The sought after creative team of Matt Butterfield and Ben Mills are Who Wot Why's first permanent creative hirings
Matt Butterfield and Ben Mills, a creative team formerly of Saatchi & Saatchi, are the first creative hires at Who Wot Why. Who Wot Why is a London agency founded by Matt Gooden, Ben Walker and Sean Thompson. Here are their words on their new hire.

The move is of no surprise, as the new Matt and Ben are actually the result of Ben Walker and Matt Gooden’s cloning experiment; created years ago to be a “less knackered version of themselves”. 

Matt (Butterfield) and Ben (Mills) teamed up on the Watford ad course, and then spent three years at Saatchi & Saatchi producing a prodigious amount of work on EE, Direct Line, Asda, Toyota, Pampers, Kerry Foods, Visa and HSBC.

The cloned team will work across all of Who Wot Why’s clients, as well as helping to land new business and fixing the printer when it breaks.

Matt Butterfield & Ben Mills said, “Who? Three of the best ECDs in the biz. Wot? Breaking rules, making famous work, stripping out all the nonsense of big agencies. Why? Why the hell not!”

Sean Thompson, Who Wot Why’s co-founder, said, “With our new Matt and Ben on board I’m looking for anyone called Sean who might be interested in joining. Get your CVs in now, particularly Sean Doyle and Blade Runner’s Sean Young.”

Ben Walker said, “You can never have too many Matts and Bens in one building. With Matt Holyoak and Ben Colson in the same place too, it shouldn't be confusing at all!”

Who Wot Why are set to announce more key hirings in the near future, especially one called Sean.