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Who is the Consumer Activist?

Creative Consultancy
Liverpool, UK
Continuous and Market Measures launch its ongoing research uncovering an emerging consumer group

Brand Consultancy Continuous has collaborated with research company Market Measures to launch an ongoing piece of research that uncovers an emerging consumer group. 

With over 24 months of relentless political, environmental, social, technological and economic uncertainty, Continuous believes consumers are changing. From indepth research, they’ve found an emerging but powerful voice; a consumer holding brands accountable and ready to boycott the ones that don’t match up. 

They are young, environmentally minded and progressive. They demand certainty, responsibility and connection. Continuous have called them the ‘Consumer Activist’. 

Working with research partners Market Measures, the report explores what the changing consumer cares about, what brands they like and what influence they have on other consumer groups. 

With Consumer Activists making up 1-in-7 shoppers, the research proves that the Consumer Activist not only exists but also warns brands to embrace them as they’re set to become the mainstream of consumers in years to come. 

Key points in the report include: 

  • Women make up two-thirds of Consumer Activists 
  • Consumer Activists are more than 2x likely to buy sustainably 
  • 70% of Consumer Activists are willing to boycott a brand because of their political or social stance - Boohoo are a differentiating fashion brand favourite for the Consumer Activists 
  • Ben & Jerry’s is 3x more likely to be named as the favourite food brand among the Consumer Activists group when compared to other segments surveyed 
  • Consumer Activists root for all aspects of sport – from success in competition to overcoming injury and mental health issues. For them, it’s not just about who wins 

John Gurd CEO, Market Measures: “We’re excited to partner with Continuous on this important and future-thinking piece of research. Consumer Activists are real and could well dictate the future prosperity of businesses and brand across sectors.”

“This new wave of consumer look set to become the mainstream of consumers in years to come. People who are more inclusive, open-minded, progressive and environmentally aware. People who are engaged with brands and are more demanding of brands than ever before.”

“Brands need to embrace the new normal of Consumer Activists who will show great loyalty to those who get things right, but will vote with their wallet against brands who get it wrong. We look forward to tracking the evolution of Consumer Activists through 2022 and beyond.” 

Stephen Ardern MD, Continuous: “We believe continuous adaption is the solution to the greatest threat within business today; the pace of change. So many of our clients are seeking new ways to remain relevant and connected with their customers through a more agile and responsive approach to marketing.” 

“The Changing Consumer was borne out of our commitment to supporting marketers with their critical decision-making. By constantly looking forward and regularly engaging with consumers on the topics that matter most to them, we can influence and shape the most relevant response.”

“Through this first edition, we have already uncovered a compelling insight in the consumer activist: an emerging, yet powerful consumer voice that will influence and shape mainstream consumers of the future.”

Check out the report here

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