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Whiskas Releases Book for Cats

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Developed by AlmapBBDO, “The Most Curious Cat in the World” Is inspired by a true story and it has a surprise on every page to spark kitties’ curiosity
Books have always peeked people’s curiosity. Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen on the next page or in the next chapter. That was the jumping-off point for the idea that Whiskas is launching, with creative development by AlmapBBDO. Following through on the concept “Feed their curiosity,” Whiskas developed a unique book based on the true story of a kitty who escaped from his carrier on a flight to London. He stowed away on the plane and was only found 52 days and 960,000 km later, the equivalent of 24 trips around the world.

The incident inspired the Curious Cat Book, which tells the story of the most curious cat in the world, Whatif (playing off the question that she always asks: “What if...?”). On each page, Whatif visits a new place somewhere in the world. Each new page offers the protagonist’s impressions of countries or cities, all represented by toys within the book – in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures – to awaken kitties’ natural curiosity. 

From a strand of Italian pasta to a Brazilian bird’s feather. From surfing the waves in Australia to the lights of the casinos in Las Vegas.

From the sand of the Mexican desert to fishing with Inuits. There are sixteen beautifully illustrated destinations, all designed to celebrate and encourage cats’ curiosity.

“Cats are naturally curious animals, and we want to inspire caretakers to cultivate that in their pets whenever they’re spending time together. That’s why we created the first book in the world to be read alongside your cats. Besides the print book, we’re releasing The Most Curious Cat in the World as an audiobook to stimulate cats through specific sounds and have them interact with the story alongside their guardians,” says Roberto Valdrighi, director of marketing at Whiskas.

The audiobook can be listened to for free on a number of streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Amazon Music. To translate the experience of the physical book to an audio format, soundtracks and aural landscapes were developed from neurological studies on specific sounds that cats find stimulating. With low and high notes alongside sounds that are familiar to felines, such as purring, nursing, and other animals including birds and mice, the result is an incredible audio narrative. Cats will listen attentively to each track on the album, which feature traditional instruments from the places in the story, such as the Chinese zither and the Turkish baglama. The book itself was released in a limited print run and isn’t for sale as of now. Soon, cat lovers will get updates on the print book on WHISKAS’ Facebook page.

Curious? The audiobook The Most Curious Cat in the World is already available on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and Apple Music.
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