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Whiskas' K.I.T. is the Purrfect Place to Learn All About Your Furry Friends

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AMV BBDO introduces the Kat Institute of Technology in latest global campaign

WHISKAS and agency partner AMV BBDO, in collaboration with MediaCom and Google, have announced that the WHISKAS 'Kat Institute of Technology' – or K.I.T. – is now open. A brand-new global content platform, WHISKAS Kat Institute of Technology provides cat owners with the answers to the burning questions they want to know about their cats. Using funny and playful videos, K.I.T. helps educate owners on everything from nutrition and care to behaviour.

The prestigious WHISKAS Kat Institute of Technology is home to the smartest (and coolest) felines; the world’s leading pioneers in cat technology, behaviour and nutrition. Like its partner institution Kitten Kollege (now live in 14 markets globally), WHISKAS K.I.T. is designed to help educate cat owners in the cutest, most entertaining way possible. The digitally-led campaign utilises Google search data to identify and provide answers to the most frequently asked questions that cat owners are searching for online.

As one of the UK’s best loved cat care brands, WHISKAS has 60 years of expertise to impart to cat owners. The content platform is a category leading collaboration with AMV BBDO, Mediacom and Google; helping WHISKAS to become the online reference for cat care. 

Katie Griffiths, European Brand Manager at WHISKAS said: “This campaign is the next stage of our journey to help consumers understand how to feed their cats’ curiosity. There are over 30.4 million online searches for cat related queries every month, covering everything from what to feed my cat to what is the right breed to choose. As one of the most trusted brands in cat care, we wanted to be there to help cat owners at the moments that matter and bring our expertise to life in a new, engaging and informative way.”

Designed for mobile, WHISKAS Kat Institute of Technology includes six live action films and thirteen animations that cover a wide range of topics. The opening film - ‘Welcome to Kat Institute of Technology’ - introduces the concept of WHISKAS K.I.T. as the most elite feline institution in the world, gently spoofing the tech and new media industries and the hipsters (or kitsters) that work in them.

Built on search data and cultural trends analysis, five live action episodes (Love Doctor, Ageing Fabulously,  Rules, Playtime & Picture Purrfect), depict the different aspects of life at WHISKAS Kat Institute of Technology. They carry WHISKAS most important brand messages such as transition to adulthood, a healthy diet and senior feeding.

The series of thirteen animated, informative films answer the highest volume global cat care search queries, identified through Google data. For example: Can cats eat human food? Why do cats meow? What is a healthy diet for cats? How much should I feed my cat? Around 20-30 seconds in length, the videos were developed in partnership with the cat care experts and vets at WHISKAS, Mars Petcare and the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition.

All the content links to purchase and through the Kat Institute of Technology, WHISKAS will continue to innovate in digital and ecommerce.

Richard McGrann and Andy Clough, Creative Directors at AMV BBDO said:  “We’ve often harboured a suspicion that the universe is being secretly run by cats. The Kat Institute of Technology gently pokes fun at the tech industry, with their funky offices and funky ideas. It’s as if somebody had put cat flaps on the doors of Silicon Valley. WHISKAS K.I.T. is a place cat owners can recognise and serves as way to package sensible educational info and new product launches in an entertaining manner.”

WHISKAS Kat Institute of Technology will be rolled out globally in 2018 (beginning with the UK in October 2017) with content pushed out via YouTube, WHISKAS owned channels and beyond.

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