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Which Brand is Behind These 'Interneterventions'?
We won't spoil the surprise behind these dodgy spray tan and muscle shirt websites

Whether it’s that ‘one neat old trick to cut body fat’ or ‘how to earn $$$ working from home’ or that specialist bedroom accessory, we’ve all, at some point or another, found ourselves ‘accidentally’ clicking our way into the dodgier corners of e-retail. That’s why one brand has taken it upon itself to protect the poor of taste and weak of mind by staging a series of ‘Interneterventions’.


The fake websites are designed to flag up the poor decisions we make under the illusion of Internet anonymity. From Flattering Man’s push-up muscle shirts to Executive Spray Tan Parties and Soul Patch Powder, the project targets the most questionable of online temptations. Check out the sites below and *spoiler alert* we’ll reveal all.

The jig is up! It's Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Stinkdigital with a little bit of help from Mr Old Spice, Isaiah Mustafa. The new Old Spice campaign has a distinctly meta feel to it, poking fun at dodgy digital marketing whilst also proving to be a funny and surprising example of online advertising.