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What If a Supermarket Was Like the Stock Market?
Advertising Agency
Toronto, Canada
Zulu Alpha Kilo's hidden camera prank for the new Aequitas NEO Exchange in Toronto

The Aequitas NEO Exchange wants to shed light on one of the challenges faced by investors in today’s financial markets and how the exchange intends to address it. And they’re doing it with bananas.

In a new video, created by agency of record Zulu Alpha Kilo, unsuspecting grocery shoppers are surprised when asked to pay more for bananas the instant they show an interest in buying – mimicking the way investors in equity markets often feel as a result of high speed traders who use technology and other advantages to their own benefit.

“It’s an incredibly complicated issue to explain to people,” says Zak Mroueh, CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “So finding a quick and relatable way to show the Canadian public what was going on was key.”

The issue of Predatory High Frequency Trading was thrust into the spotlight earlier this year with the release of Michael Lewis’ latest book, Flash Boys. But while the book helped generate good debate on the issue, it was not a solution in and of itself.

The Aequitas NEO Exchange, which recently received approval from the Ontario Securities Commission to begin operations on March 1, 2015, intends to be that solution.

“Canadians deserve a stock market they can believe in,” says Jos Schmitt, President & CEO, Aequitas NEO Exchange Inc.. “What we see in this video is a great metaphor for the way predatory traders look at average investors and the market as a whole. We hope people take notice and start asking questions.”

Since winning the business in early 2014, Zulu Alpha Kilo has been working on all fronts for Aequitas Innovations, including brand, naming, and environmental design, digital and social media strategy, and traditional mass advertising initiatives.

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