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Westfield Forum des Halles Welcomes ‘Eden’, a Giant Evolving Artwork by Artist Claire Luxton

Talent Agency
Paris, France
The piece is part of Westfield Forum des Halles’ ‘Art Under the Canopy’ project, looking to bring the Patio Pina Bausch to life

From July 5th, Westfield Forum des Halles will host ‘Eden’, an immersive and ephemeral artwork by Claire Luxton, into the Patio Pina Bausch, located in the heart of the shopping centre. Growing over time, the artwork will evolve throughout the summer, eventually transforming into a lush garden. 

The British artist was selected from among four other internationally renowned artists by a 14 member jury, which included renowned influencers, professionals, institutions, and visitors to the Les Halles district. 

The event forms part of Westfield Forum des Halles’ ‘Art Under The Canopy’ project, having partnered with talent agency MTArt in order to dress its Patio Pina Bausch with artistic creations for the next three years. 

Hugo Rey, director of Westfield Forum des Halles, comments: "We are proud to welcome exceptional works of art to the Westfield Forum des Halles through the ‘Art Under the Canopy’ project. Our visitors will be able to participate in choosing the artists they wish to discover over three years in our shopping centre, which is a testimony to Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield's commitment to offer everyone a renewed experience that arouses emotion through art and culture, and aligns with the group's 'Better Places 2030' policy."

Inès Leonarduzzi, managing director France of MTArt Agency, adds, "Westfield Forum des Halles is one of the capital’s most important locations for social interaction, exchange, and escapism for a large number of young people in the Paris region. Taking art out of the big institutions and placing it at the heart of the public’s daily lives is an integral part of MTArt's mission. Studies show that for 75% of us, seeing art on our way to work improves our well-being and mental health. Imagine the impact of the project when you consider that 750,000 people pass through Les Halles every single day."

Claire Luxton is a British multidisciplinary artist who creates installations and practices photography, painting, and poetry. Her work pushes the boundaries of emotional and physical perception, relentlessly exploring the delicate balance between man and nature and questioning our isolation, the fragility of our desires, and the reality of our uncertainties - all of which form the basis of our modern anxiety about the environment. Claire has exhibited her work in London, Miami, and Singapore, and several of her works have been selected for a prestigious exhibition on peace at the UN exhibition in New York. She has also recently been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Glamour Italia, and Germany.

One of the first works produced to imitate the rhythm of nature, ‘Eden’ will grow over time. Initially spread out over a 250m² space, a pure garden of bliss will evolve under the Patio Pina Bausch, taking over the entire floor and climbing onto the surrounding walls. Seen from above, the fresco resembles a botanical lagoon, a heavenly and futuristic island shrouded in a purple halo of mist. Taking the escalator, visitors can enter the vibrant depths of an unexpected cosmopolitan luxuriance, filled with irises, roses, peonies, ferns, water lilies, and orchids. Here, creatures and plants alike reclaim their space, allowing us to reconnect with our original environment..

Claire Luxton comments, “I wanted to create a work that challenges the needs of nature in the city but also recalling the natural process: sometimes even in art, slowness is essential. In designing ‘Eden’, I wanted to draw inspiration from the history of Les Halles, a key cultural site in the city, as well as the current reintroduction of new green spaces that bring people, culture, and nature together.”

Inès Leonarduzzi adds, “Just like when you plant a seed in the ground, visitors will have to come back to discover the whole work.”

Jury’s words:

Camille Jouneaux, creator and author of ‘La Minute Culture’, comments, “I was very touched by MTArt Agency’s approach to this project. Installing Claire’s monumental work of art in the patio of the Westfield Forum des Halles means working on the accessibility of art in all its forms, increasing attendance to traditional cultural spaces."  

Claude Farge, director of the Forum des Images, adds, “Westfield's proposal to create ‘Art Under the Canopy’ seemed like a great opportunity to promote our inclusive cultural values. The project chosen for this year, which joyfully raises awareness of environmental issues, seems ideal to us."  

Camille Aumont Carnel, writer, comments, “I love the idea of making this space no longer just a place of passage, but a place of destination. This project carries a message that seeks to give a new lease of life to spaces that have been judged, labelled, and stigmatized, bringing people together.”

Emile Sebbag, president of the Forum des Halles merchants' association, adds, “I am very happy, on behalf of all the traders of the Forum des Halles, as well as the management of the centre, to welcome Claire Luxton and her artwork to this magical place at the crossroads of all cultures and trends. Her art perfectly captures our message of well-being and harmony with its luxurious biodiversity.”

‘Eden’ can be found from July 5th under the canopy of Patio Pina Bausch, Westfield Forum des Halles.

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