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WeedMD Takes a Vibrant Approach to Recreational Cannabis with Colourful Campaign

Advertising Agency
Montreal, Canada
Sid Lee Toronto launches a bold, modern campaign for the recreational cannabis brand
WeedMD, a new adult-use recreational cannabis brand, has launched a new campaign to promote Color Cannabis - a variety of cannabis strains that will be exclusively available in stores and online in select provinces across Canada. Colour Cannabis was produced and will be distributed by WeedMD Inc., with design and advertising by Sid Lee Toronto.

“We worked with globally-renowned agency Sid Lee to launch Color – our first adult-use brand,” said Brett Moon, SVP sales and marketing, WeedMD. “The brand is rooted on a simple insight: The world is no-longer seen in black and white. Color Cannabis aims to inspire our consumers to live and experience cannabis in their own unique and personal way. With its punchy, memorable and uniquely-spelled brand name – coupled with stand-out colour schemes – consumers will appreciate the product inside this forward-thinking brand.”

In Canada, the cannabis industry is strictly and highly regulated, with significant restrictions on how cannabis products can legally be promoted. To overcome federal regulations prohibiting depictions of people and any imagery that evokes a “way of life” in the promotion of cannabis, Sid Lee and WeedMD used an impressionistic approach to communicate the spirit of Color.

Where most brands give specific use cases for their cannabis, Color inspires perspective through open-ended words blended with strains and combined with photos that capture the beauty in real moments from everyday life. This approach allows consumers to draw from past experiences, memories and perspectives to conjure up their own impressions and create associations between certain strains and activities without prescribing situations or scenarios.

“We believe cannabis will have a positive impact on humanity in the 21st century,” said Laura Stein, creative director, Sid Lee Toronto. “The name Color stands for the many benefits of cannabis yet to be discovered and the open-mindedness the world needs more of. Together with WeedMD, we wanted to create a brand that was not hyper-trendy or kitschy but rather one that was timeless, here to stay and would modernise society’s monochromatic view of cannabis to one that is broader, richer and full of colour.”

Featuring visuals, photography and copy carefully curated to highlight a variety of mixed experiences that are open to interpretation, Color is an appreciation of what happens when we open ourselves up to embrace perspectives, welcome differences of opinion, and experience new moments in life.
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