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“We Don’t Need Visas Anymore”: Meet the Creatives Travelling the World in Virtual Placements
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London, UK
School of Communications Arts graduates Ellie Daghlian and Elisa Czerwenka are to take part in digital adventure 'The Creative Rally' aiming to work over every continent in two weeks

School of Communication Arts graduates Ellie Daghlian and Elisa Czerwenka have given themselves two weeks to work, virtually, on every continent. The digital adventure, dubbed 'The Creative Rally' will begin as the team finishes their course at SCA, and will involve at least one day working in each region. 

Since lockdown, the team have been over 800 miles apart, with Elisa in Austria and Ellie in the UK. When they started working on briefs for clients who were also outside the UK, the team realised they could work anywhere, from their homes. 

The Creative Rally will take this theory to the extreme, with a goal to work on every continent, in under two weeks. The team have built themselves a virtual campervan which they plan to drive around the world, parking at each of their favourite agencies. 

Ellie & Elisa say: “We were on this call where Elisa was in Austria, Ellie was in the UK and the client was in Shanghai. And it just sort of clicked that we didn’t need to get on a plane or to get a visa to go and meet incredible people from all over the world. 

“Since launching on Tuesday we’ve had the most incredible reaction. With interest from agencies in Europe, Asia, North and South America. We’re not sure how we’re going to do Antarctica, but we’ll think of something!”

Nina Beyers and Tom Espezel from Uncommon London say: “Fiercely creative and funny team. Not a boring bone in their bodies.” They’re setting the team a brief for Europe.

Marc Lewis, Dean of the School of Communication Arts, says: “Brilliant team - take them for a spin. Just don't put them in quarantine afterwards because they are bound to be in huge demand.”

The Creative Rally starts Thursday 6th August. You can book the team completely free here at or follow their journey on Twitter @Creative_Rally

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