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We Are in This Together

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Munich, Germany
INFLUENCER: We must all do our part to keep this crisis manageable, writes Serviceplan New York CEO Stefan Schütte

Where I live now, many say these days: we are in this together.

And indeed, New York is experiencing a revival of a collective esprit de corps, just as it did after 9/11 or after Hurricane Sandy.

Where I originally come from, there is the beer garden. The classless meeting place without VIP area, frequent drinker counter or special meal options.

And even if this comparison is misleading, we are all sitting in such a collective space where there are no privileges anymore.

The virus affects us all, some of us especially, physically, economically, mentally or socially.

All over the world.

Yes, in different intensity and in different individual positions on the timeline. But in principle, this crisis is universal and ubiquitous.

We must all do our part to keep this crisis manageable.

This holds particularly true for representatives of such industries, who are now beginning to weigh up the state-imposed individual material damage against the existential damage to the elderly and vulnerable people. The fact that neo-liberals have already had enough of altruism is in their nature.

But who else would seriously consider a brand and a company that would accept cheaply avoidable deaths and great suffering of relatives?


But we must not strangle and strangle ourselves - these considerations must be allowed by a society accustomed to prosperity.

Here in New York, a law has been passed, somewhat unnoticed by the world public, which indicates where we might be heading.

Matilda's Law.

New York's Governor Cuomo named this law after his mother, Matilda, who is over 80. It includes special restrictions "...for vulnerable people and those over 70.

- Remain indoors

- Go outside for solitary exercise

- Prescreen all visitors and aides

- Do not visit homes with multiple people

- Wear a mask

- Everyone around you should wear a mask

- Keep six feet away from people

- Do not take public transport

Just as society must do everything possible to protect the vulnerable, so here in New York the vulnerable must also do something to protect society.

It is too early to decide what degree of individual cutbacks the most vulnerable must endure. Possibly permanently wearing a mask and being permanently excluded from public transport are not trivial demands.

But it seems inevitable that all social stakeholders will now have to make sacrifices, everyone within reason. And this is exactly what we need to talk about and reach a lasting agreement on.

Because remember: We are in this together.

Stefan Schütte is CEO of Serviceplan New York