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Melbourne, Australia
Conceived by Thinkerbell's Adam Ferrier, Cj Holden and Holly Ransom
From sunset Thursday 23 to sunrise Sunday 26 May 2019,  s p a c e  will be Australia's first festival-like conference to champion peer-to-peer learning in an effort to build a more ambitious Australia through shared ideas and collaboration.

s p a c e  will bring together a mix of unlikely people to share their thoughts on humanity, creativity, performance, wellness, the future and more, through unexpected conversations facilitated by the attendees themselves. There will be no official speakers at  s p a c e,  all of the content will be co-created by the attending guests, giving everyone the opportunity to host a talk, run a workshop, have a campfire conversation, or take a group out surfing. Anything guests dream up and would like to share with other guests goes.

The event was conceived by Thinkerbell's Adam Ferrier, Cj Holden and Holly Ransom.
Says Ferrier: "Australia needs this event now more than ever. It's important to look wider than your typical universe to seek inspiration and learn new ideas. In order to do the unexpected, you need to meet unlikely people who challenge your perspective. Through the event, we aim to inspire action towards building a more ambitious Australia through shared ideas and collaboration."

Says Holden: "There are plenty of events to meet like-minded people, few to meet un-like-minded.  s p a c e  will be filled with interesting people in an environment that inspires deep, human connection. Egos will left at home and everyone as generous with their ideas as they are ambitious."

Adds Ransom: "It is the right time for an event like this in Australia. Currently, there is a lack of  cross-sectoral collaboration, which is a barrier to unleashing the next wave of innovation required to grow Australia's global standing and influence." 

Guests will travel to Byron Bay where they will be encouraged to disconnect from their day-to-day lives in a relaxed environment designed to inspire better, more personal, engagement with  other guests through a shared immersive experience. Guests will come from a diverse mix of industries, generations, cultures and backgrounds in order to encourage the sharing of ideas from outside perspectives. The only thing in common will be that each guest has an interesting  story to share and will be prepared to actively participate.  

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Event: s p a c e
Location: Elements of Byron, Byron Bay
Dates: Sunset Thursday 23 - sunrise Sunday 26 May 2019


Adam Ferrier: A slightly mad mad man, Adam is a highly respected creative strategist, consumer psychologist and author. A regular speaker on Bx, Batman, and Behaviour Change at conferences worldwide, Adam is inspired to help co-create an event unlike anything seen in Australia before.

Cj Holden: An experientialist at heart, Cj is passionate about building engaged communities through immersive experience. His vision is to build a collective of Australia's most disruptive leaders all making a global impact. Cj has created experiences in London, Miami, Marrakech, Cape Town and Iceland - it's now Australia's turn.

Holly Ransom: A specialist in disruptive strategy, Holly is so renowned for her commentary on intergenerational economic and social issues she is on Sir Richard Branson's dream dinner guest list and was personally requested by Barack Obama to moderate his only engagement in Australia. Holly is passionate about ensure that  s p a c e  is more 'Do-Tank' than 'Think-Tank'.