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Wake the Town Launches 'Tell The People' Voice Over Agency
Music & Sound
London, UK
Representing real authentic artists and voices from Big Narstie, Genesis Elijah to Eva Lazarus and Klashnekoff for voice over work with brands and agencies

Music supervision agency Wake The Town has this month launched it's new voice over agency, 'Tell The People'.

Tell the People is a voice over agency with a difference. It seeks to represent the best. talent in rap, grime, spoken word and street poetry in order to make brands and agencies sound different, unique and real.

From heavyweight artists such as BAFTA winning Big Nartsie to underground icons such as Klashnekoff and Manga St. Hilare, the Tell The People roster is like no other around, and it's growing.

Below is an example of their work with Uncommon and Tullamore D.E.W featuring a piece written and performed by the UK rap legend Genesis Elijah.

Tullamore D.E.W. - The Beauty of Blend (ft Genesis Elijah)

Josh Tenser, creative director, Uncommon, comments: "Working with Tell the People was a breath of fresh air. They managed to secure the UK rap legend Genesis Elijah for my Tullamore commercial and not only did he help collaborate to write the voice over he performed with absolute authenticity which was a crucial part of the brief.  Having access to this kind of talent for voice over work is a game changer."

It's offering is getting the creative and production world very excited with it's forward thinking attitude and access to the best authentic voice talent. Tell the People is changing the way people think about voice overs.

Genesis Elijah - Tell The People Monologue