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Voices of Nationwide Offer Hope to Future Selves Post-Pandemic

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London, UK
Artists discuss what they would say to themselves in six months’ time in spots from VCCP

Nationwide Building Society is this week launching a new series of TV adverts to showcase different real-life voices and stories of how people are coping with life during lockdown as well as sharing their thoughts and feeling of what life may be like for them post-pandemic. The new ‘Voices Nationwide’ adverts also highlight where to find further information about the support the Society is providing to members financially impacted by coronavirus.

The three adverts, featuring artists from previous ‘Voices Nationwide’ adverts, discuss what they would say to themselves in six months’ time. They were all completed within a week and filmed by the artists in their own homes, during the current lockdown period.

The campaign was developed by the Society’s lead creative agency VCCP with media planning and buying by Wavemaker.

As with all the Society’s previous ‘Voices Nationwide’ adverts, Deanna Rodger, Maria Ferguson & Matt Abbott and Laura Smyth talk in their own words, about life under lockdown, marriage, relationships, family and childcare, all with an immediacy, intimacy and authenticity that have become the signature of the ‘Voices Nationwide’ campaign.

But most importantly, they convey hope that when we look back, we’ll have taken with us all the good things that came out of this terrible adversity.

The three adverts to be aired are as follows: 

• Matt Abbott and Maria Ferguson, both from London and who met through Nationwide, talk about what matters most to them with their wedding day planned for six months’ time.

• Deanna Rodger, from Bristol, talks about the things we should remember when once the pandemic eases.

• Laura Smyth, from London, discusses what she learnt during the lockdown period.

This latest series of adverts form part of the Society’s wider ‘Voices Nationwide’ advertising campaign, launched in September 2016, which is about ordinary people speaking up for what’s important to them.

Paul Hibbs, Nationwide’s head of advertising, said: “As a mutual, members are at the heart of everything we do. Given these unprecedented and uncertain times that we are facing, it is important, now more than ever, to ensure that each and every one of our 15 million members is aware of the financial support that is available to them. With the nation on lockdown, we wanted to showcase what the current situation means to different people and what the future may hold post-pandemic. We hope our latest ‘Voices’ adverts can provide a beacon of hope during this difficult time and a glimpse of what the future may hold.”

Jim Thornton, VCCP’s deputy executive creative director, said: “Our Voices Nationwide campaign has always been about ordinary people speaking up for what’s important to them, rather than a brand telling us what’s important. So, at a time when fear is rife, emotions raw and the future uncertain for all of us, who better to turn to spoken word artists to give us hope, make us smile and articulate how so many of us feel?”