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VO5 Breaches the Wearable Tech Market with This High Tech Hair Clip

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JWT Sydney revolutionises hair care & follicle fitness with the Hair Fit Clip

VO5, the UK's Number 1 Hair styling brand will launch a world first in wearable technology, a hair clip that monitors hair and provides real-time feedback on its health and appearance. The new VO5 Hair Fit Clip features revolutionary technology that assesses the hair and provides up to the minute data through syncing to a smart phone device.

VO5 Hair Fit Clip enables women to monitor their hair health in a completely new and unparralled way.  A world first in hair management, the VO5 Hair Fit Clip features patented micro-sensors that keep track of changes to the environment and the affects these have on the hair’s health. 

The VO5 Hair Fit Clip streams real time alerts and notifications to the VO5 Hair Fit Clip app on the user’s smart phone or tablet. Cutting edge technology transmits follicle fitness assessments, stats and product suggestions to ensure that the hairs health is kept at an optimum level 24/7. The VO5 Hair Fit Clip has an 8 hour lithium battery and built-in solar cell to ensure your hair is monitored at all times, in all environments.

Users can also elect to sync the app with social media accounts to tweet and post on hair’s behalf to let the world know just how your hair is feeling.

"In 2013 I realized that technology had reached a point where we could bring a radically new experience to a part of the body that had been completely overlooked. In partnership with VO5, I set out on a journey to create wearable technology that will revolutionize the way we feel about our hair. The new VO5 Hair Fit Clip will ensure bad hair days will be a thing of the past” - Hair Fit Clip founder, Ken Arbor.

The new VO5 Hair Fit Clip can be used in any situation to let a person know if their hair is suffering from typical bad-health signs such as dryness, oiliness, heat damage or product overload. The VO5 Hair Fit Clip guarantees hair’s ultimate health and shine by ensuring the user tends to the hair’s needs whenever and however it is required.

“VO5 invests heavily in research and development and we worked with leading developers to create this world first technology. Today’s consumer is incredibly savvy and most importantly they want results. We are thrilled to be first to market with the latest in haircare technology to deliver the best results for savvy consumers. This technology will not only revolutionize the hair care market but open consumers up to the library of VO5 products and ensure we maintain our position as UK’s No.1 Hair Styling brand” says Arbor.

Launching in Australia soon the VO5 Hair Fit Clip will be available from VO5 distributors nationwide with a predicted RRP of $79.95.

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