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Visit Ballarat Launches New Destination Campaign via Town Square to Entice Melburnians to Visit
Advertising Agency
Melbourne, Australia
The campaign aims to cultivate increasing visitation of cultural travellers to Ballarat
Visit Ballarat launches a new artisan focused destination campaign, Made of Ballarat, developed by creative agency Town Square.

In a bid to entice more Melburnians to visit and explore Ballarat, located a 90-minute drive North West of central Melbourne, the campaign showcases the city's artisans, makers and creators through a variety of media including cinema, creative events and publications.
Town Square's brief was to highlight the creative spirit of Ballarat via a movement that celebrates the new generation of artisans extracting earthly riches out of the land.

4v-6E3OA.jpegSays Brendan Day, creative director, Town Square: "This first phase of the campaign is about celebrating the people and produce - the creativity, productivity and craftsmanship - born of the same magical soil that produced one of history's richest gold rushes."
Noel Dempsey, chief executive officer, Visitxkl2QBAw.jpeg Ballarat, explains that Made of Ballarat "celebrates the city's new generation of creators, makers and artisans - those who are challenging the status quo and inspiring positive change while staying true to the rich cultural history that Ballarat is indeed made from. Ballarat has always been known as a city laden with history, but it's mostly localshW5d0CFs.jpeg that truly appreciate the creative energy that exists, and has always existed, here.

"Visit Ballarat wanted to create a destination positioning campaign that would demonstrate to those living in Melbourne, and beyond, that there is an undercurrent of imagination that pervades our region. We are encouraging Melbourne's curious and experimental cultural connoisseurs to escape the city life and indulge in a uniqueX2MdITKg.jpeg experience. Made of Ballarat has been designed with Ballarat's true essence in mind - we are the place where progressive artisans create earthly riches."
Says Day: "Melbourne, as we know it today, is arguably Made of Ballarat. As was much of Australia's early wealth. Any regional city that has had that sort of influence on today's culture is prettyvpB_BkKc.jpeg amazing. Unfortunately, most people don't give Ballarat its due credit. But we'd like to change that."
To find out more about Made of Ballarat, the weekly series of mini events and artisan stories, visit

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