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Vicki Maguire: 'We Will Never Be Like Them'

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London, UK
Grey London ECD unveils her manifesto as the new Creative Circle President
Vicki Maguire, ECD of Grey London and the new President of Creative Circle, unveils her manifesto as she begins her two year presidential tenure...

We will never be like them.
We will never conform
We will never roll over and have our bellies tickled by the global giants
Even if they throw shiny awards for us to chase
We will never chase
The points
The awards
The money
The glory
We will never forget that it’s Talent, not tin that is the lifeblood of this industry
And we’ll never say industry
It makes us sound like car giant
And we aren’t
We are the champions, the gatekeepers the mothers of British Talent
Talent that leads the world in Film, Art, Music, Swagger
We are home grown
And we grow our own
We give back
We stick together
Taking on all comers
We are the risk takers
The trouble makers 
We don’t give a shit where you live
Where you're from
Or who your dad is.
We are the outsiders
And it’s us against them.
It’s time to decide whose side you’re on.