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VFX Supervisor Tommy Smith Joins Creative Studio Carbon

Post Production
New York, USA
A true creative at heart, Tommy skillfully leads teams of artists while building trust with clients and directors

A prodigious talent, Tommy Smith has joined creative studio Carbon as VFX supervisor. He’s welcomed by a team of stellar artists, many of whom he has worked with over his long career.

“I joined Carbon because I love the way they work. I can utilise my wide range of skills across both 2D and 3D,” says Tommy. “I also joined because I love the energy of a thriving and growing company! After researching their brand, I saw that the vibe is in line with my personal style and interests, including VFX, live action, and CG. Looking deeper into the team, I learned I had worked with quite a few of the artists during my time in NY & LA, and would love to work with them again because frankly, they rock and are badasses!”   

With more than 15 years experience working at top studios including Psyop, The Mill, and Method, Tommy is known for his artistic eye and creative problem-solving abilities. There was even a two year stint with Apple as creative director across bleeding-edge technology projects.

“Tommy is incredibly talented and versatile,” says Carbon executive producer Matt McManus. “The experience he has on large iconic projects and his problem solve first attitude fit right in with the culture at Carbon. We are thrilled he’s joining us and know that his leadership will be a huge asset, to both our clients and in house directors at Carbon."

As a VFX supervisor, Tommy skillfully leads teams of artists while building trust with clients and directors. On set and in the studio, he is known as an incredible solver of creative puzzles and his varied background as a 3D Lighting Artist, Nuke Artist, Flame Artist, and VFX Supervisor makes him an excellent collaborator. He constantly aims to surpass client expectations and make the impossible feasible - something he has done for many top brands including Audi, Levi’s, Nike and Squarespace. As well as Jose Cuervo, where he was VFX Supervisor on the explosively apocalyptic ‘Tomorrow is Overrated’ from Ringan Ledwidge.   

No stranger to award wins, Tommy’s VFX work has been honoured at ADC, AICP, Andy’s, Clios, D&AD and LIA, amongst others. Most recently, Tommy achieved accolades working as VFX supervisor with Prettybird director Calmatic on the hugely popular ‘Old Town Road’ from Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus, winner of Best Music Video at the Grammys and the 2021 Grand Prix winner at Cannes Lions.   

A true creative at heart, Tommy believes in approaching every challenge by being genuine and himself. “I learned early on in life that kindness, inclusiveness, being a good listener and having a positive attitude lead to lasting and productive relationships,” says Tommy. “A sense of humor also helps. To me, there is nothing better than when everyone’s ideas and efforts come together to create. Especially when things look difficult or even impossible, then there is that magical moment when they come together and form something fantastic!"

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