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VCCP Berlin Makes a Ride Out of Life for BMW Motorrad Campaign

Advertising Agency
London, UK
Berlin-based creative agency introduces a new global integrated brand campaign

Riding a motorcycle is more than just getting from A to B: it’s about self-fulfilment and about physically being in charge of your driving experience. 

VCCP Berlin uses that positive attitude towards life in a new brand campaign for its client BMW Motorrad. 

The core of the campaign is a new brand strategy for BMW Motorrad. The creative team, under the guidance of Executive Creative Directors Oliver Frank and Lars Wohlnick, shifts the focus from product communication to the brand. This way BMW Motorrad is recharged with a strong mindset to not only reach bikers, but also people who don’t ride motorbikes yet but who share the same attitude towards life: to make the most out of each day. At the heart of the campaign are characters that are not only riders but follow their own calling. The communication does not put the bikes in the focus but the people who ride them. 

The new brand film, directed by Anders Jedenfors and produced with ACNE Productions, shows people all over the world following their own path in order to experience more and make their life more exciting - whether it’s a surfer, artist, musician or boxer. Joy for life, fulfilment and thirst for adventure are always in focus. Among other things the film, which can be seen on the website, will be aired in German cinemas and is adapted for global markets from France to Brazil. 

The new brand attitude will also be part of other BMW Motorrad communications: from print to digital. VCCP Berlin also controls the roll out of the integrated, international brand and product campaign.

Oliver Frank, Executive Creative Director at VCCP Berlin, explains: “‘Make Life A Ride’ is not only a brand message, but combines the lifestyle of motorcycling with the positioning of the brand. Everything points to the global trend of more optimism and self-reliance, which a lot of people worldwide can identify with.” 

VCCP Berlin won the global BMW Motorrad account earlier this year in a pitch. In addition they are also in charge of BMWi Mobility Services.

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