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Vattenfall Highlights Progress Towards Fossil Free Living by Taking Steps into the World of Audio

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Stockholm, Sweden
To highlight the positive progress that is being made to become fossil free and also ease climate anxiety, Vattenfall and NORD DDB are now releasing Super-Soothing-Climate-Progress- Engineering-Tracks

To highlight the positive progress that is being made to become fossil free and also ease climate anxiety, Vattenfall is now releasing Super-Soothing-Climate-Progress- Engineering-Tracks. A Spotify playlist with soothing tracks that allows the listener to dive into the technical aspects of a line of different topics such as the development of hydro power and making transport electric.

Super-Soothing-Climate-Progress-Engineering-Tracks is another step in Vattenfall’s ongoing communication that focuses on the progress that is being made to become fossil free and is an extension of the Pan-European campaign 'What’s Happening', which was released during autumn 2020. In the report ”The conversation on climate change and its impact on human behaviour” from Vattenfall, it was clear that the climate is one of the biggest challenges of our times as seven out of ten Europeans feel concern when it comes to the climate. The campaign has been developed together with NORD DDB.

"Of course, we must admit that it is quite a challenge to become completely fossil free, but at the same time we know that people have a need to see all the positive things that are actually happening, since the opposite can lower the motivation to act. This is a way for us to reach new target groups in new channels, with a message of the work we do every day to be able to become fossil free", says Carole Lindmark, global brand director at Vattenfall.

With seven different audio tracks on Spotify, the listener can experience soothing stories on the topic of positive progress within different areas towards a fossil free future within one generation. Each track consists of a soothing, technical deep dive meant to provide the listener with a feeling of ease. For example, you can fall asleep listening to the development in wind power or feel at ease while listening to the future of electrification in industries. The purpose of the playlist is to provide the listener with detailed information on what measures are being taken and the development that is happening, to be able to decrease worry and stress over the climate. The campaign has been inspired by sleep and meditation apps that are growing in popularity.

"With this campaign we have a strong, pop cultural anchoring in a behaviour that many people relate to today. The campaign activates Vattenfall in many engaging channels where we reach even more target audiences with this important message and can become a part of many peoples’ daily lives, says Andreas Dahlqvist," CEO and CCO at NORD DDB.

With Super-Soothing-Climate-Progress-Engineering-Tracks Vattenfall takes further steps communication wise by collaborating with known profiles on social media and in podcasts, as well as through visibility in earned channels. Besides visibility with select profiles, the campaign is mainly seen in digital and social channels, as well as audio driven outdoor settings. The campaign goes live in several of Vattenfall’s markets in Europe.

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