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Union’s Campaign for NRG Home Highlights Choice, Ease and Perks of Its Electricity and Gas Service
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Hot Springs, USA
'Keep It Simple' lets consumers know that they have the power to choose their energy provider

Independent creative and performance marketing agency Union has launched 'Keep it Simple', an integrated marketing campaign for NRG Home, to let consumers know that they have the power to choose their energy provider.

The campaign targets the Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio markets through Paid Social, Programmatic/Display, OTT, Paid Search, and TV. Ads will run on ABC and other networks. NRG serves more than three million retail customers.

In addition to letting consumers know they have the power to choose their energy provider, the creative focuses on how simple it is to switch to NRG at

“NRG is a special client. They’re customer focused and believe in the power of creativity,” shared Austin Scott, Executive Creative Director at Union. “We were able to leverage data and creativity to create a campaign strategically focused on driving the bottom line. The result, however, is far from bland. Our campaign reimagines NRG’s bold, beautiful color palette into bursts of energy shapes and makes power, an invisible product, visual. ”

“We want consumers to know that they have choice in who provides energy for their home,” said Mike Starck Vice President and General Manager, NRG Home East at NRG. “This campaign really highlights how easy it is to choose NRG and earn rewards. We offer choices for everyone.”

In the latest video, a woman dances throughout her home. She’s flipping switches, clicking remotes, and singing into spatulas until she’s startled when her significant other catches her in this routine.

“There’s nothing more empowering than choice,” the voiceover says before mentioning perks for switching to NRG. “While we provide the energy, it’s you who’s got the power.” In fact, “You’ve Got the Power” is the title of the spot.

Other NRG ads point out the perks that come along with being a customer and contrast the concepts of easy and hard. In one, a cute puppy is shown playing in a pile of toilet paper and it’s clearly unrolled. “Training puppies? Complicated. Getting perks with home electricity? Simple,” is the copy. Some spots use sponsored content to link energy efficiency to aspirational topics like travel, such as those running in Condé Nast Traveler.

As the campaign progresses, Union is using data analytics to optimize performance of various digital ads to lower CPMs throughout the flight and will refresh 'Keep it Simple' creative to focus on the NRG perks that are most relevant based on trends and the season.